Let’s Make Buffalo Style Pizza [VIDEO]

Ok. It’s not what you think. It’s not spicy pizza with hot sauce. Although that should be a thing. Somebody needs to get on that. Yes, there is pizza with chicken and franks hot sauce in NY but we feel that could be vastly improved. Not the best. But I digress.

This is a style of pie that they enjoy in Buffalo, NY. Who knew? But they built up so much good will with the wings that we’ll give this one a shot. Extra credit for the sauce recipe. I would have grabbed something from a can. But the recipe in the video actually looks easy! Woo hoo! Another big shout out for the “double rest” on the dough. That’s just a solid tip right there. Patience is good for cooking. Finding that to definitely be the case with yours truly.

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So let’s go! Let’s make Buffalo style pizza. I’m ready. How ’bout you?

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