Models Fail. We Learn. [VIDEO]

So you clicked on “Models Fail. We Learn.” Probably thinking, WTH? That’s a bizarre headline. When it’s not. Not at all. It’s almost perfect. Probably should have added “We Laugh” in there. Let’s face it, people falling down IS funny. But that’s not why we’re here! Let’s focus on the learn part!

Just imagine that’s you up there. Yup. You’re on the runway, your job is to look fantastic. Walk and look wonderful. Nature has already gifted you with looks but there is still the challenge of strutting about in insane footwear on iffy terrain in front of a shit-ton of people. Oh! And make it look like you not only belong there, but you’ll want to try and stand out by being just awesome. You need to shine. That’s how you’ll ultimately succeed.

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The big moment arrives…and you fall. What now? (This is the learning part, BTW.) You get back up! That’s what you do. You suck it up and keep going. Did it suck? Yes. Did it hurt? Maybe. Is it the end? No. Not even close. You just keep going. Learn from your mistake and try to keep it from happening again. Tada! Life lesson.

People like to watch fail videos for a lot of reasons. The comedy of someone falling down is usually high on that list. They’ll say, “It’s just funny,” (which it is) but deep down there’s something else going on. A quiet admiration for a person who fails so publicly and gets back up.

This will happen to all of us. Metaphorically of course. We’ll all be walking down the runway of life, hoping to make a good impression, then fall right on our asses. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, just hang in there. It’s coming. It’ll suck. Bigly. Then you gotta pick yourself up and just keep going. If someone comes running to your aid? Great. Don’t count on it, though. It’ll probably be just you. You’ll have to decide what you’re gonna do. Sit and cry? Or get up and keep going? We highly suggest the latter.

Now let’s watch this video again and laugh. Pretending it’s just funny because someone fell. Which it is, BTW.

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