Dude Built a Robot Dragon. Yes. It Flies. [VIDEO]

Kazuhiko Kakuta is the man. Dude built a robot dragon and, yes, it flies. That’s pretty damn impressive. That alone is hall of fame levels of coolness. We’re still in the stone ages of paper airplanes and this guy is making dragons! That’s just badass.

Turns out, that’s not all this guy has built when it comes to robot flying machines. His YouTube channel is full of cool stuff! Birds, dragons, dinosaurs. He’s really good at making things flap and fly. We are suitably impressed. The only thing that could possibly make these wonderful contraptions better? Maybe if they were big enough to ride. Boom. There. I said it. Would I ride a robot dragon that I controlled? Hell yes. Let’s go!

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Here’s a couple clips from his channel. Dude is legit!

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