New Stimulus Bill: The Mother of All Wake-Up Calls


Congress voted to send the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill to the Senate. No matter what happens next it is a turning point. Not for Covid-19. Not for lockdowns. It’s a turning point for us, the American people. Something has happened that not many want to discuss. Maybe not that many have even realized it’s happened. Maybe it’s just too unsavory.

The government has officially declared they do not care if you live or die. This sounds like it might be hyperbole but hear me out: Their actions during this pandemic define them. What a person says is one thing, but actions (or lack thereof) tell us everything.

We’ve been in this crisis for what, a year? This is the fourth stimulus bill? All of them laden with hundreds of billions of dollars that went somewhere else. Billions and billions in spending that didn’t go to the people who needed it most.

I could forgive the first few. We were in the middle of a global event. Something had to be done. Sure there would be some wasteful spending but the American people would at least get something! It was disgusting but the ends justified the means. People needed help.

The government told us we couldn’t work. If we TRIED we would get in trouble. Massive fines and what’s worse, we were risking the lives of our fellow man. We HAD to stay in.

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The bills we had to pay did not stop. Our need for food and shelter did not stop. The stimulus money did though. The CARES Act was passed on March 27, 2020. Since then it seems like a never-ending squabble. Finally they decided to give each person 600 dollars. Six hundred. That was the magic number they decided on. We had been out of work for MONTHS and 600 dollars was their idea of a solution?

Miraculously, money could be found to send overseas. To fund museums and various programs. Hundreds of billions to go everywhere else but not to us. Our tax dollars would not go to us in a time of absolute crisis. That tells you EVERYTHING. They knew how bad it was and they did not care if you lived or died.

If that isn’t the mother of all wake up calls, I don’t know what is.

Imagine you and a friend are walking through the desert. Your friend has decided to carry the water to “keep it safe.” Then as you slowly start to die of dehydration they don’t give you your water back. They argue about how much you should be allowed. Ultimately deciding to be very generous and giving you a capful. And they can’t even DO THAT!

They have plans for the water. They’re going to dump gallons and gallons on some plants they think are pretty. They like the plants. They don’t like you.

So here we are again. In the middle of the Covid desert and government is arguing over which plants to water. They may even decide to give us a capful too. I think they want us to be happy about it! It is OUR water. We worked for it. This is insane.

So again, Congress just passed another stimulus bill. Almost two trillion dollars. You and I will receive $1400 if we are lucky. That’s their plan. Again. Hundreds of billions for everything else you can imagine and we get screwed.

We’re not in crisis mode anymore. They have had months to consider this. This is not a mistake. This is the plan. They thought long and hard about it and came to the conclusion that the people do not matter. They do not care if we live or die. That should be a huge wake up call. They have failed us.

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