What’s Chapping My Ass

Let’s start with the picture. An elephant walking into the sunset. That about sums it up for me. The GOP seems to just be wandering off kind of aimlessly. Of course, the elephant could always turn around and fight, defend its territory, but it looks like it’s just going to lumber off to lie down somewhere comfy. The metaphor should be obvious.

So, let’s not count on the GOP to do anything useful beyond having an email list that can get us in contact with likeminded people. That’s about it. Oh…there might be a few party planners and event organizers in there too. But if you’re looking for action and steely resolve? If you want someone in DC to actively defend your freedom? You’ll have better luck checking the mirror first, or maybe Rand Paul’s house.

Ok, so here’s my heads up/opinion piece of things that are out of whack and are quite irritating today.

The fake Ted Cruz “scandal.” Go fuck yourself. I have gone out of my way not to give this bullshit any fuel. To even suggest that Ted Cruz going to Cancun comes CLOSE to what Cuomo did in NY is insulting. It legit looks like Cuomo’s policies killed thousands and furthermore it looks like he covered it up. We’re supposed to be upset with Cruz? Go fuck yourself. Sorry media people, I won’t be falling for the, “Hey! Look over there! Be mad at that other thing!”.

One of the most disturbing things about the whole Cuomo scandal is the assist he’s getting from the media. The awards. The book deal. The accolades. Holy shit. That’s deeply disturbing to put it mildly.

The Supreme Court and the election of 2020. More insanity. Here’s my layman’s breakdown as I understand it. Certain states like Pennsylvania made big changes to their election laws WITHOUT going through the legislative process. All under under the pretense of “making the election safe because of COVID.” They just changed the way the process worked WITHOUT actually adhering to state law. The GOP sued. Took it all the way to the Supreme Court. Justice Roberts said the Court didn’t want to get involved and kicked the case out. WTF?

Next comes this doozy. GOP lawyers go back to the courts after the election because they have a legit beef with how states just made up new election law willy nilly. It’s hard to even call it a law, because it never went through the process! It’s a fucking election decree. We don’t do those. This is America. Well, the Supreme Court again refused to hear the case. I guess because they’re saying some shit like “the case is moot” and the election is over. Again WTF?

Here’s a link to Justice Thomas’s dissent. Worth a read.

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Now let’s bitch about the new stimulus…or lack thereof. This is the big one for me. This is the total and complete failure of government. That these morons cannot pass a clean bill that ONLY deals directly with COVID tells me everything. They simply are unable to meet the challenge. They are political buffoons. That they consistently use a lever of political change is one of the most horrifying things I think I’ve ever witnessed.

IF COVID is soooooo insanely dangerous that people cannot go to work, what is the hold up on getting us OUR tax dollars back so we can eat? IF it’s THAT FUCKING DIRE, why would we wait? Why would we fund ANYTHING else? IF people are dying left and right why in the name of all that’s holy would you fund ANYTHING ELSE? ANYTHING? A museum? A tunnel? Gender studies in Pakistan? The list goes on and on. This should be a huge wake up call for EVERY American. THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE! That’s a fucking problem people. That’s a HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM!

Coke went off the rails this week too. This whole critical race theory is complete and total horse crap and corporations jumping on board is not good. Go make me a soda and don’t shove your half baked social science theory down the throat of your employees. You’ve lost the plot completely. How about we treat everyone as equals? How about we judge someone by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? How about we stop looking for equity of outcomes? How about we just go with all men are created equal? Kind of remember someone writing that down somewhere.

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10 comments on “What’s Chapping My Ass

  1. Patty says:

    🤣 you’re the best!! Luv ya sexy heathen!!

  2. Ray Wilson Sr. says:

    WOW! We are on the same page with this sh!t.
    I remember President Trump making a speech and saying that we have the power to correct all of these wrong doings. Well? What the hell happened? Where is this power? It sure isn’t the GOP.

  3. Jessica Griffee says:

    💯 agree!!! I have never stewed in anger more than I have over the last few months. What even bothers me more is how many people are completely blind or stupid and don’t see it.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      We’re gonna help em wake up. HA! We can do dis! So glad you’re here!

  4. Courtney says:

    I realize this isn’t the place to do this, but I have been trying to connect with other free thinking filmmakers and I would love to chat.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Awesome! Let’s do it. This is the perfect place for a discussion like that! I’ll give a shout out on FB Live tonight. I’m certain we have some film makers and creative types! Woo Hoo! I’m guessing you’re a creator? Which is fantastic BTW!

  5. Steven says:

    What is the fix? Term limits? How did it get this bad? We’re we asleep at the wheel? Truthfully, I have not corresponded with my senator or rep in the House about any of this. I comment on FB and his back to my life. Maybe we need to become political activists by writing and calling and holding our reps and senators accountable? Ranting or commenting on social media may relieve some pressure in your mind but it does fix anything. Agreed? Love you, Mike. You’re the uncle mom dreads visiting but the kids LOVE to see!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Here’s what I’m doing. I’m going “the live your best life activist” route. We form a huge community (there’s 34,000 on facebook) and live our best lives. When DC dishes up some bullshit? We activate and get loud. As a group. We get as many people as possible to ‘drop the hammer’ at the same time. Calls, Emails, etc. Super easy. Then we go back to Living our best lives and doing what WE want. Without big brother stomping on our Liberties. Skadoosh! Easy. And we can have a GREAT time! It’s my personal opinion that this why FB & other social media platforms are clamping down on groups that lean right. They don’t want our numbers to grow. Big Numbers are the name of the game. So glad you’re here! Let’s go! I wouldn’t do ANY of this if I din’t think we could actually be a force for good. I have ZERO intrest in just bitching about stuff. Fuck That! Let’s help people and stop big gov. BS.

  6. KTH says:

    Do it. That’s what Big Left does: organize an activist “brigade”. Build a mail list. Send out eblasts when they need to take coordinated action. That’s how it’s done.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Great idea. Thanks! Will check with our web peeps and look into starting an email list! Woo hoo!

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