Most Americans Want Voter ID Laws

All is not lost. The majority of Americans still possess common sense. According to a new poll, most people support voter ID.

Republicans and Democrats both agree that voter ID laws are an idea whose time has come. You see? It’s not that hard. Everybody wants their vote to count. Nobody wants their vote cancelled out by some dipshit that has no business, or right, to vote.

Of course, you’ll hear the usual drumbeat of, “It’s voter suppression. What if someone can’t get an ID?” To those people I would suggest a little thing called “the internet.” If there is someone in 2021 who doesn’t have access to the internet or doesn’t already have an ID? That person has already chosen to live off the grid. That person doesn’t want to vote. They just want a new recipe for boiled squirrel.

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So, let’s make voter ID laws a thing. Protect our elections. The numbers from this poll really show that people on both sides of the aisle are into it.

75% of Republicans and 60% of Democrats. Let’s do it.

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1 comment on “Most Americans Want Voter ID Laws

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Never fear, our ruling class doesn’t give one whit what voters think–which is why they ignored us electing Trump in 2020 and illegally installed Biden instead.

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