What’s Chapping My Ass


It’s difficult to wrangle my emotions over this one. This might go beyond, “What’s chapping my ass.” This is more of a what’s got my blood boiling; what has me infuriated. Maybe a better term is, “What’s got me motivated!”

Yeah, let’s go with that: “What’s got me motivated!” And I hope it motivates you as well. Because we need to get motivated. Like, yesterday. I’m not using the word “need” lightly either. We NEED to get going. We NEED more people to stand up for common sense. We NEED more people to realize just how dire the situation is. And it’s dire.

So we’ll start with the dire part and move on to solutions at the end.

Here’s some shit we won’t be focused on because it’s a waste of time and effort: The cancellation of Dr. Seuss. We love the books but in the big scheme of things it can wait. Yes, there’s a ton of funny memes but the Dr. can wait.

The cancellation of Speedy Gonzales and Pepe Le Pew. Same thing. It’s crazy and we can all make memes but it can wait.

All that matters now is House Resolution 1 and the Stimulus Bill.

The Stimulus Bill and everything associated with it should be proof to America that the government does not work. D.C. is run by a group of elites who don’t have to live by the same laws we do and they are treating us (American citizens) like serfs in the days of old. They are the lords and ladies of the land and we are meant to toil in the fields while they do whatever they please. This cannot stand.

While we were not allowed to work DC elites got paid. While our kids were not allowed to go to school, DC elites had their kids in class at private schools. While we were not allowed to dine out, DC elites dined in fancy restaurants. While we were not allowed to get haircuts, DC elites were enjoying a day at the salon. The list goes on and on. My point is this: THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAWS THEY EXPECT US TO. THAT’S NOT HOW THIS COUNTRY IS SUPPOSED TO WORK.

Now, in a completely partisan vote, they passed the latest Stimulus Bill. While opinions vary on the exact numbers and percentages, some reports say only 9% of the money spent goes to actual help for Americans. If 9% percent is wrong and it’s 10%, or even 20% my response is the same: WHY ISN’T IT 100% ?! WTF?

Here’s some jaw dropping info: Of course we (American taxpayers) have to pay this money back. So, $1.9 trillion divided by 330 million (Americans) is $5,757. That’s how much it will cost every American to get $1,400 dollars. Now factor in that almost half of Americans pay no federal tax. Our share just got way fucking bigger.

We’re paying to bail out cities that have been mismanaged for decades. Pet projects. And every other kind of BS you can imagine. Here’s more details.

The Boston Bomber will be getting Covid relief check. The fucking Boston Bomber will get a check. That one really chaps my ass.

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Now to HR-1.

The Democrats know they have a small window of opportunity before Congress is up for grabs again. Elections are right around the corner. Historically, Americans like balance. If there’s a Dem in the White House? People send Republicans to Congress and vice versa. Republican in White House? Dems get voted into Congress. You get it. Balance.

HR-1 would change all that. If you thought that the 2020 election was a murky shit show, that would be the new normal. Elections lasting for weeks if not months as they count Mail-in ballots from God knows where. Voter ID? Nope. Sixteen-year-olds voting? Sure! Why not? There are legit discussions about 16-year-olds voting. Again, the list goes on and on. The federal government (DC elites) would run elections. Not the states. Some call it an unconstitutional power grab.

It would change elections and our nation in ways we don’t think people have fully grasped. The same DC elites who treat you like shit. Who do not care if you live or die. Who do not have to live by the rules set forth for YOU would be in power for a long, long time. It could be the end our country as we know it. One party rule. The same party that did such a bang up job during Covid. The same party of the Stimulus Bill.

So what do we do? Organize. Talk to people. Encourage your friends to get involved. Think critically. But most of all, get people talking and stay in touch. We need more common sense people and we need them to vote. All the complaining in the world doesn’t matter without voting.

It all boils down to whoever gets the most votes gets to do what they want.

We need common sense people to get the most votes. Let’s go! We can do this!

Here’s how to find your senator to let them know you’re paying attention to HR-1.

Follow us here and across social media for more info and updates. We have fun. We also plan on making a difference in the future of the country.

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  1. Paul Hair says:

    We are definitely on our own when it comes to doing something right. And time is running out.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      This is true

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