Gallup: 42 Million Migrants Want into U.S.

The CEO of Gallup just posted a very ominous blog: “42 Million Want to Migrate to U.S.” That’s a big number. That’s a really big number. Hopefully alarm bells are going off everywhere in DC and South America as well as the U.S Border.

Now we can disperse with the rather pedestrian talking points. Yes, we’re a nation of immigrants. Yes, we all come from somewhere else. And, yes, we’re a melting pot and, finally yes, that’s what makes us great. That being said, we have a problem. Too many people coming across.

We already have a very generous Immigration policy. We let around one million people into the country each year to become U.S. citizens. That’s awesome. They followed the rules. They waited in line and they love their new country. Hooray. That seems reasonable to me.

You know what sounds unreasonable? 42 million. That’s above and beyond the 22 million that are already here.

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Here’s the other talking point I’d like to dispense with that you hear EVERY TIME this subject comes up: “Our immigration system is broken…we need comprehensive reform.”

No. No we don’t. We take in a million people a year. Done. That’s a good number. The Democrats never seem to be able to name a number. Notice that? How many people do the Democrats want to take in a year? Doesn’t seem like they have one. That’s BS. If they can’t pick a number they want open borders. That’s a deal breaker.

Final thought: Until we come up with a NEW policy? Follow the existing laws! Do not allow people to cut the line into the US. It’s THAT simple. If the government can’t deal with the border? Citizens should. Want to guess what would come in handy right now? A WALL.

So, until the failures in DC can deal with the disaster at the border? Citizens should. Until we figure this crap out, we need to turn migrants away. It’s just too many people. If your bathtub is overflowing, you don’t reach for a mop first. You turn off the water. THEN you grab the mop. Let’s do that at the southern border.

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