Early Days of U2 for Sunday Jams

We went back to the early days of U2 for this week’s Sunday Jams. We’re going back to the album that started it all. Old school, baby.

Bands change. The sound evolves. It happens. Nothing stays the same. We don’t have an issue with artists growing and experimenting. It’s all good.

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With U2 it kind of hurts, though. Their first few albums had so much sonic energy. Were so different and strong and full of such raw power that it simply rocked my world. Then came the experiments. Granted, they were good. Hell, they were great! The Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree are flawless.

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They were softer, though, too. It seems with each new album the softness creeps in a little more. Maybe it’s unstoppable. Maybe the fire has gone out? Who knows. We’d like to think the boys of U2 have one more high energy, clenched fist, won’t somebody listen, album left. Lord, I hope they do. Until then, let’s crank up these 3 from the early days of U2 and remember when they were just cutting loose.

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