Sunday Jams with Heart

We’ve been chomping at the bit to post this one: Sunday Jams with Heart. YAS! Heart, baby! The Seattle-based rock band featuring Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Fun to know fact: The band was originally formed in 1967 and was called “White Heart” then briefly changed to “Hocus Pocus” when Ann joined the band around 1970. Once Ann’s sister Nancy joined in ’74 they were full on Heart.

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Lots of personnel changes. Lots of romantic entanglements with members of the band. But absolute TONS of great music. Still feels like this band doesn’t get enough credit. They brought some serious heat back in the day. Still do when they tour today. They can still bring it.

Here’s 3 Sunday Jams with Heart. They could all 3 be “Barracuda” as far as I care. That song rocks that hard. Just insane levels of goodness. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t add 2 more. We gotta start with “Barracuda,” though. Sets the tone.

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