More Positive Music Vibes

Last week, I tossed out a few songs, from metal to hip-hop, that all motivate while sending out positive music vibes and good feelings.

My original intent was to give everyone something else to focus on besides the negative (from entertainment to politics), while showing there are some great artists out there with better messages and intentions.

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Since I like to limit my lists to five, there were a few songs that didn’t get put on the list. What better time than the end of Easter week to toss these up as well?

Without further ado, here are five more songs from around the genre spectrum giving off good vibes and good messages.

Let’s get the energy flowing with with a metal hit.

Project 86: “Illuminate”

This is a jump-up-and-down, bang-your-head, pump-your-fist-and-scream-along-with-the-music metal song that tells you to face the darkness…and win. I’m not sure if Christian metal band Project 86 is still doing anything, but this song still gets me going when I’m down.

“When they hide in the shadows of night
Light ’em up, light ’em up in the dark
Let’s ignite, we’re the ones!”

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Khruangbin & Leon Bridges: “Texas Sun”

As a Texan, this song really gives me the good, laid back feels of a Texas late afternoon sun “caressing you from Fort Worth to Amarillo,” and Leon Bridges has such a great voice all the time. This one he did with with Texas-based funk and psychedelia trio Khruangbin (Thai for “airplane,” in case you’re wondering) was a megahit proving that, yes, there are more folks out there with good taste wanting to cruise along and just enjoy life than we think.

Family Force Five: “Love Addict”

Okay, time to get weird and go a little nuts again. Christian alt rockers Family Force Five have evolved, matured, and mellowed a bit soundwise, but this all-over-the-place frenzied celebration of love that has a shoutout to the video stylings of the 80s (with a little screamo mixed in) is just so fun. This might not be to everyone’s taste, but it sure gets their fans going…and simply lets us know that everything is better with a little love.

Brittany Howard: “Stay High”

Grammy winning singer Brittany Howard’s feel good song not only lets us know you might not always be happy, but it’s not a bad thing to always find time to be. This is such a cool video, and not just because she places the motivating Terry Crews in the lead role based on her own father. She filmed it in her own hometown using many of her own friends and family. You don’t have to be glamorous or famous to be worthy of happiness. Hang onto your happy place and “stay high.”

Set It Off: “Why Worry”

Finally, here’s a recommendation from my 18-year-old, who has inherited an appreciation of all sorts of music. Pop punk band Set It Off gives a look at the little inner battle between our darker and more positive selves. In the end, however, we need to let go a little of things we can’t control, take a deep breath, relax, and just quit worrying about everything.

There will always be time for sadness, but why make it a lifestyle?

When you’re feeling down, put a little love in it, light it up against the dark, stay happy, enjoy the warmth of the sun, find your high and strive to stay there, listen to some positive music, and just let go of the negative. Why worry?

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