Shipping Container House Airbnb with Basketball Court Is Badass!

If you’re going to do something? Do it up right. This shipping container house Airbnb with a basketball court is certainly done right. Holy crap this thing looks cool as all get out. Put us on the reservation list cause we would definitely be down with this joint.

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Full disclosure: Growing up in Ohio I’m very familiar with Hocking Hills. It’s beautiful; the landscape will not disappoint and it doesn’t look like this house will either.

Two shipping containers for the side structures and frame. Then the owners went to town on the basketball court and the upper level. Not only do I want to stay there? I want this for myself! Let’s go.

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Would you be down for a shipping container house?

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2 comments on “Shipping Container House Airbnb with Basketball Court Is Badass!

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Beautiful house, beautiful set-up, and lots of attention to details.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Honestly one of the cooler shipping container houses. Am really getting into these more and more

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