Bob Seger on Sunday Jams

This was way harder than you think. Way harder. Picking three songs from Bob Seger for Sunday Jams is no easy task. Three songs that haven’t been played to death. Three songs that might have escaped your attention for a while. Because that’s what we’re shooting for on Sunday Jams. I want you to be a bit set back on your heels. To have that, “Holy shit, I haven’t heard that in forever and it’s fantastic,” feeling.

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With Bob Seger it’s a tough call. Looking over the choices? There is a veritable bounty of goodness. We may have to pay Bob another visit rather soon. With that being said, here’s my picks.

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2 comments on “Bob Seger on Sunday Jams

  1. Jerry Gravina says:

    3 awesome choices. I would recommend you give ‘heavy duty’ a play… slightly unknown and classic Seger banger!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      be right back. about to check it out…
      Did you mean ‘Heavy Music’? That one’s a banger too!

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