‘Galaxy Quest’ Has Earned More Fans as It’s Aged

Galaxy Quest, starring Tim Allen and others, debuted at the box office in 1999. It came and went without much fanfare. IMDB says it made $45 mil at the American box office, which probably wasn’t a failure but at the same time wasn’t anything spectacular. Yet, sci-fi fans enjoyed it. And over the years, it’s probably gained even more fans. YouTuber Oliver Harper provides 25-minute retro review of the film.

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I watched Galaxy Quest years ago and I believe I thought it was entertaining enough. Nothing that I would be eager to watch again, but enjoyable all the same. Others, however, apparently enjoyed it a whole lot more. And Mr. Harper touches upon that in his review. (Indeed, he gives the film incredibly high marks.) So check it out.

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On a side note, Galaxy Quest is obviously a spoof of the Star Trek franchise. And it reminds me of an episode of the television series Castle (“The Final Frontier”), which also spoofed Star Trek. (Castle was a great show that perfectly combined police procedural/crime, drama, and comedy.) I included two scenes from this episode below. The second one is particularly humorous.

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  1. The Mgmt. says:

    Galaxy Quest is just flat out brilliant. Big fan.

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