The Mgmt Played ‘Resident Evil Village’ & Has Many Thoughts

I did it. I played Resident Evil Village. Here’s what I found out: Yup, it’s fun. It’s also stressful as all get out.

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Now let me also say horror isn’t my favorite genre of video games. You get lead around into unavoidable “jump scare” situations and that seems like cheating. You can do that by the way. I’m cool with the “jump scare,” but as a developer you gotta fight the impulse to do it every 5 seconds. But I had a blast. The appeal of the game is legit.

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Resident Evil is a puzzle game at heart. The timer is monsters. The stress is real. It’s a boat load of fun too. If you don’t solve the puzzle and find the thing that you need the bad guys are gonna get ya. Good times. It’s a recipe for an adrenaline dump. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

Here’s some of my gameplay. Good times.

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