Toobin Returns — You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

You really have to hand it to him. Disgraced but shameless Jeffrey Toobin made his triumphant return to CNN today.

Alisyn Camerota discusses the 800 pound python in the room.

It’s well known that CNN has nothing resembling standards, what with Chris Conflict of Interest Cuomo, Jim Mememe Acosta, Brian Tater Stelter and many more.

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But you really have to admire the balls on CNN to try and rehabilitate their in-house hacky law expert. At least they stick to the point and discuss how he got the shaft from The New Yorker.

He has been keeping his hands full going to therapy and working in a food bank. We can only pray that he’s in the front office and not handling any food.

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We can’t know what goes on in Toobin’s mind, but we do have an artist’s conception of what a typical pre-caught-in-the-act day might have looked like.

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