Remembering the Strange Trailer for ‘Strange Days’

Anybody recall the sci-fi film Strange Days from 1995? It’s not necessarily a memorable movie but it did have a memorable teaser trailer—memorable because it was, well, strange.

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Strange Days was one of the many, dark, dystopian, sci-fi movies of the 1990s. And it was one of the multiple cyberpunk films of 1995. I’ve never watched it and probably would’ve forgotten about it by now if it wasn’t for its rather odd teaser trailer.

The trailer is just Ralph Fiennes (who sort of looked like a mid-2010s Bradley Cooper or a young Liam Neeson with long hair) talking straight at the camera—straight to the viewer. In a sense, you can’t fault the filmmakers for taking this approach. After all, how many times have people complained that a trailer gave away too many plot points? On the other hand, it just left me confused when I saw it. (A subsequent, full trailer was a more standard one and featured scenes from the movie.)

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So that’s what I remember about Strange Days. Just the teaser trailer. Check it out.

Top image via IMDB.

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