We Need Right-Wing Progressives

Progressives have controlled the GOP and conservative movement for decades. They exert so much control that they don’t just have “token conservatives” that spout off every liberal talking point, they have a whole army of them. So it’s time to push back by creating right-wing progressives.

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My idea is simple. Every conservative that has power or that the ruling class lavishes attention on (think #NeverTrump) are conservatives who will reliably advance progressivism. Therefore, we need a bunch of right-wing progressives–folks who will identify as progressives while doing nothing but advancing anti-progressive ideology. For instance, here is how such a person would be used on a cable news talk show.

Scoop Jackson: “Now that we’ve heard from our right-wing guest let’s go to our progressive guest, Gareth Van Snooty. Mr. Van Snooty, what’s your take on the issue of gun control?”

Gareth Van Snooty: “Well, Scoop, you know I’m as progressive as they come. But I must say I’m appalled that my fellow progressives want to ban guns. I mean, it’s just absurd and it drives people away from our cause. Banning guns is not the hill to die on. It’s as simple as that.”

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In addition to being a great idea, this would be easy to implement. So I gladly give my blessings to anyone who wants to go for it.

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