Compromise on Gun Control by Banning Dems from Owning Them

Gun control popped into the news last week (as it seemingly does every week) because of some court ruling regarding California. Democrats flipped out about it. But instead of engaging in the usual “debates” about the subject, let’s just agree on a simple compromise instead. The compromise will make everyone happy. We’ll allow non-Democrats to own as many guns as they like and ban Democrats from owning any at all.

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Debating is worthless. If someone wants to ban private citizens from owning firearms, there’s nothing I or anyone else can say to convince them otherwise. And yet people still engage in stupid arguments on the issue.

So stop the arguing and do something productive. Give everyone what they want. Make it federal law that Democrats and everyone who wants to ban guns are legally prohibited from owning them. That’s giving that group of people what they want.

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Meanwhile, let those who support private citizens owning guns continue to enjoy their freedom. That’s giving that group of people what they want.

It’s a perfect compromise and there is no excuse for not enacting this forthwith.

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