Meme Roundup – The Night of the Living Fed Edition

OK, so remember the Republic-ending January 6 debacle? That’s when a bunch of “patriot” boneheads rioted inside the Capitol building? That was effed up from top to bottom.

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Then came the “Justice for J6” rally this last weekend. It was to protest those who where arrested and apparently getting harsher treatment than the Antifa losers who burn down people’s livelihood on the regular.

Well, the rally itself fizzled, but not before the media and Democrats in government straw manned it up into a straw-Godzilla. The hype and hysteria had Capitol Police re-erecting barriers and Maddow working up her smooth-brained audience for Armageddon part II.

But they all need a big round of applause for delivering us another excellent batch of memes. Besides there being more journalists there, we also go to meet these guys: your undercover agents, fresh from looking for garage door pully/nooses.

How do you do, fellow rioters?

Due to what must have been a colossal miscommunication SNAFU, “dress like a wingnut” came out as “dress for a day on Chad Brassington’s yacht.” And once again, we get to reap the meme gold.

Dressed for Club Fed

Did someone say party?

Life imitates Art. Then Art comes back and kicks life’s butt.
Whatever you think you’re seeing, hon, it ain’t that.
Just plain LOL!
What’s keeping you from looking like this? (Courtesy of the Bossman)

Sunday Night Last Minute Additions

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