The Wuhan Lab Had Big Plans for Coronaviruses

This is some insane shit right here. According to a story in The New York Post, the Wuhan lab had big plans for coronaviruses. Here’s just one wacky idea: let’s invent a new virus and release it into a population of bats! Huh? Huh? This sounds like a solid idea. What could possibly go wrong with that? These are some of the biggest dumbshits on planet Earth.

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Guess who was behind it? The proposal was spearheaded by New York City-based EcoHealth Alliance — the nonprofit headed by British scientist Peter Daszak that had previously funneled federal funds to the Wuhan lab for bat coronavirus research.

Remember Peter Daszak? He’s the dude hired by the WHO. The same guy who pretty much said the lab had nothing to do with the virus. I’m sure he’s a trustworthy fellow. Good lord.

But back to big idea: as far as I can tell, they give a virus to bats…let the virus mutate and spread…so they can eventually vaccinate the bat population and stop the virus. What in the actual fuck kind of research is that?! Anyone else want to fully investigate the Wuhan lab? And any other dumbshit lab doing anything like this? Holy crap!

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