The FBI Is Investigating Parents?

We slapped a question mark on there because it’s almost incomprehensible. But, yes, AG Merrick Garland has directed the FBI to investigate alleged “violent threats” by parents against school officials. Hence the question mark.

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It’s hard to believe. The FBI is investigating…the threat. I haven’t heard of one school board member being harassed, let alone threatened. But somehow the FBI needs to get involved. Maybe a parent confronted a senator in a bathroom…nope that was Kyrsten Sinema. Maybe a parent got on a plane with a school board member…nope. Sinema again. And that action seemed to be given the “thumbs up” from the left. Evidently it’s only parents concerned about what their kids are being taught that pose a threat.

Of ALL the things that the FBI should be concerned about, who had parents on the list? Anyone? Human trafficking? Drug smuggling? Members of the FBI colluding with political parties to incriminate political opponents? Organized crime? Riots? Looting? Burning buildings to the ground? These seem like they should be the priorities. I never would have guessed that investigating parents at school board meeting would EVER be on that list. Ever. So, burning a federal courthouse in Portland is fine, but watch out for those parents at the school board meeting. WTF?!

It seems like the actions of a group of people who don’t like parents knowing just what the hell is going on in the schools. A good way to get people to stop being involved is to threaten them with an investigation. Which leads me to this: We need MORE parents involved. Lots more. This feels like an intimidation tactic from a group of bureaucratic bullies and I for one don’t think we can let them win or they will do this again and again and again.

Today it’s concerned parents getting investigated. Who’s next? Where does it stop?

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