And When They Are Wrong, Nothing Happens. That’s the Problem.

(Opinion) Let’s just put our finger on it. The problem that we face. Our elected representatives (who imagine themselves as our leaders) have no skin in the game. They make these decisions that no one asked them to make and when they are wrong, nothing happens. There are no consequences. Usually we don’t even get an apology. We shouldn’t continue down this path. It leads only to our destruction.

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The government still got paid while the rest of us were in lockdown. The elite were fine and we were slowly getting wrecked. They did not care. They send their kids to private schools while our option is to wait and hope. Now here comes inflation and a giant infrastructure bill that will raise our taxes in one way, shape or form and a bunch of people who have never operated a business are insisting it will be fine. It’s laughably absurd. They have no idea what they are talking about. And when they are wrong, they will be fine and we’ll be the ones getting repeatedly kicked in the nuts. It’s got to stop.

Accountability is the answer. Across the board. Generals who can’t win wars or even pull off a retreat in an orderly fashion have go to go. Elected officials who think they are above the law have got to go. We need to scream this from the mountain tops. And we will need to scream in order to be heard over the din of the legacy media.

Legacy media. Another institution that has made “mistake” after “mistake” after “mistake” that has shaped the outcomes of elections. Years of Trump-Russia collision stories based on lies. Fabricated by a political party and supported by the FBI. That’s a problem, kids. Legacy media picking winners and losers is a topic all unto itself.

But I digress. Let’s get back to Big Government and no skin in the game.

The expectation now is for everyone to get a vaccine or lose their livelihood. Whether you need the Vax or not. You must get it or else. The government has declared it. What if they’re wrong? What if the Jab kills you or has some unintended consequence that ruins your life? Nothing happens. The government marches merrily on and you are left to fend for yourself. You can’t even sue. You are just royally fucked. You won’t even get an apology.

Want to improve the government? Make them live by the same rules they set out for us. It’s that simple.

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