“Thanos vs. Saitama” and other Multiverses We Want to See

Marvel has been playing in the Multiverse for awhile now, from Loki to Doctor Strange to its Spider-Man films, and independent films like Everything Everywhere All At Once are focusing on similar multi-verse concepts.

This plot tool can either be a means to bring in some amazing crossover potential, or an excuse for lazy writing in the “well, it could happen in another universe” sense. However, some fanmade material has been circulating out there in our own universe showing some incredibly creative multiverse potential. Most impressive is a 2019 original animated fan film by graphic design student, Saruhan Saral, aka MightlyRacoon, that explores a Thanos battle anime fans everywhere need to see (if they haven’t already). Here’s Thanos vs. the One Punch Man unbeatable hero, Saitama.

Prepare yourself for an unexpected ending, FYI:

Saitama isn’t he only hero we wish would have taken on Thanos, but thanks to fan edits, the multiverse can be taken to entirely new levels. Here’s one that would have been so over-the-top amazing there wouldn’t have been any time for that nearly film-ruining “girl power” cringe moment in Endgame.

Who is your favorite in the very extended universe?

Okay, let’s be honest? Are only the “good guys” savvy to this portal tech? The maker of the above edit, McSuperfly, shows us what would happen if the baddies organized their own portal jumping party. This would have made things pretty interesting.

Hey, in the Multiverse, anything can happen, right?…like this final battle:

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