What’s chapping my ass this week – June 16 edition

Let’s begin, shall we? Let’s dive into what’s chapping my ass this week. What’s got a bee in my bonnet. What has got my knickers in a twist. You get it. What is bugging me and will probably be bugging you as well once I tell ya about it.

There’s a lot going on with the country right now, so here’s what I would consider my top 3 news stories. First up? Biden was on the Jimmy Kimmel show recently and said he’d consider declaring a national public emergency if Roe v Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court. What in the actual fuck? IF Roe v Wade gets overturned, abortions aren’t illegal on a national level. The issue goes back to the States. Biden is acting as if there’ll be roving gangs of anti-abortion cops, rounding up women who might be pregnant. Now Joe is saying that overturning Roe v. Wade would cause a “mini-revolution” in the United States. Again: What in the actual fuck? Mini revolution? Here’s more on this one – https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/06/16/joe-biden-considers-declaring-national-public-health-emergency-roe-v-wade-overturned/

Lack of Due Process in America. This one really gets me going. The story of the poor souls who have been in prison for their part in Jan 6th. They have been in jail this whole time. Awaiting trial. No bail? None? Are they that dangerous? It’s a giant crock of shit and more people should be screaming about it. We all hear the politicians tell us “That’s not who we are” as Americans. Well, guess what? I’ll tell you who we are: We are a nation of laws. And the treatment and lack of due process these prisoners are subject to is absolutely shameful. Accused murderers get better treatment. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/06/15/watch-due-process-denied-press-conference-on-january-6-trials-dc-jail-treatment/

Actor Chris Evans talking smack to fans of Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans, who voices Buzz in the new Disney movie ‘Lightyear’ got pretty vocal when it came to people criticizing a lesbian kiss in the new kids’ movie. “The real truth is those people are idiots,” Evans told Reuters. “There’s always going to be people who are afraid and unaware and trying to hold on to what was before. But those people die off like dinosaurs.” Okay Chris, you’re allowed to have your opinion. Here’s our question: Will you say that to the people in the Middle East where the movie is banned? We highly encourage you to share your values to the people in that part of the world. Maybe share these sentiments with the Chinese government as well. We’re certain your beliefs are very strong, and you’ll be eager to defend them to the non-Christian, non-western crowd. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2022/06/15/lightyear-star-chris-evans-calls-critics-of-the-disney-movies-lesbian-kiss-idiots-going-to-die-off-like-dinosaurs/

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