Nude Tanning? You’ll want to read this first.

Summertime! You’ve been waiting all year for this! You’ve got big plans. This year you’re going to get a great tan and you’re not going to have any tan lines! You’re going to go for it. That’s right. Nude tanning. But what do you need to know? Are there any helpful tips that someone could share? No worries. We got you covered. Or rather uncovered. Here’s 4 ways to get a great tan with no tan lines!

Now even though we think it goes without saying, you can go to tanning center that features the ol’ tanning bed. Spray-on tans are always an option too. They even have the self-tanning lotions you use at home! Nothing wrong with any of those. All good options. But if you’re planning on hitting a nude beach? Remember this: Take your time. Go slow. Neither Rome nor perfect tans happened in a day. So don’t rush things. That’s a great way to get burnt. Ouch. Nobody wants that.

And other good idea? Read this article. Lots’ of good info and links to beaches, lotions and after sun care! You’re welcome. Have fun and be safe ya sexy heathens!

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