The Week In Memes – July 4th Edition

We at The Loftus Party are wishing you a very happy, meaningful and fun Independence Day. Patriots understand its meaning while others are using it to prop up their pet causes.

Let’s review the week, shall we?

Recall the week started with the 11,000 “bombshell” that would put Trump Behind Bars ™. This time, he jumped at and nearly strangled his Secret Service driver to get them to take him to the Capitol immediately.

This was based on the unimpeachable testimony of a staffer who heard it from another staffer. This is known by today’s respectable journalists as a “credible source”.

What the Democrats really wanted anyway.

Ever hear the story of the boy who cried “wolf”. Well, he should have been a Democrat because those village idiots have never learned.

In brighter news, July got here and all the sexually diverse, genderfluid Fortune 500 companies put their decorations away until next year.

Let’s wrap up with an homage to July 4th, Independence Day.

The White House Social Media team staged some photo-ops and as usual, pulled it off as good as a bunch of unpaid interns could.

What’s that thing that gal says? Where’s the beef?
No caption required
Yes, I’m familiar with burning meat.

Which, thankfully resulted in some epic memes.

Live like Busey

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