“American” Tunes for a Laid Back Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Hopefully, everyone has plans with their friends or family, even if just a couple of loved ones. Even if you’re just hanging out at home, music makes everything cooler.

Here’s some music devoted to “American” things to help enjoy the day:

Start with an addictive Tom Petty classic for that “American Girl” with some worldly wanderlust:

Eventually, however, that girl will be ready to tempt the entire world, and some men with it as in the rocking Lenny Kravitz cover of The Guess Who’s “American Woman.”

Of course, there’s always the tendency of the American rocker to let us know there’s a world of “better things” out there, but when the push comes to shove, they are simply demonstrating the greatness of American sounds. Let’s dance to some incredibly catchy “American Music” with the Violent Femmes.

Sometimes, however, it only takes one beautiful outing in America to realize, flaws and all there’s nothing like being young, being in love, being free, and being American.

Go out and make your memories these “American Nights” with one of the many feel good tunes from the always great Plain White T’s:

Wherever and however you’re celebrating, no matter how big or small your gathering, you gotta have some tunes to set the atmosphere.

Have a fantastic Fourth of July, and God Bless America!

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