Twitter fiasco over actor’s name proves record numbers of people are incredibly boring and stupid (opinion)

It’s a wild thing to watch. Right now, large amounts of people are involved in a twitter spat over an actor’s name. People are getting banned, suspended and encouraging others to die. And it’s all about someone’s name. It’s surreal. Just absolutely bonkers.

It all stems from Jordan Peterson’s refusal to call Elliot Page, Elliot. Jordan referred to Elliot as Ellen. You might remember Ellen Paige from movies like ‘Juno’. Well, Ellen transitioned a while back and is now Elliot. You following me so far? Good.

Now Jordan Peterson rose to fame when he refused the notion of a government (or anyone) telling you what words you were or weren’t allowed to use. That’s his whole thing. And he’s right. No one can tell another person what words they are and aren’t allowed to use. That seems pretty straight forward. But an insane amount of people on twitter or either too stupid or predictably boring to get the point. The tweets are endless. Idiotic drivel like ‘How hard would it be to call him Elliot’ and claiming that Mr. Peterson must ‘hate trans people because they exist.’ Well congratulations you absolute morons. You’ve missed the point entirely. You missed the point SO MUCH, you’re actually making the case for Jordan Peterson.

He is against compelled speech you utter simpletons! What’s so hard to understand? You cannot force a person to say Elliot instead of Ellen. Sorry. This is one slippery slope you don’t want to go down. We already have the beginnings of a ministry of truth. I guarantee you won’t be thrilled with the words and thought police.

The hilarious thing to me about this whole Elliot/Ellen fiasco is it’s all being done under the guise of protecting Elliot’s feelings. Why would Elliot’s feelings need protected? Elliot is man now. Buckle your chinstrap. Dudes have had it rough for a long time now. If I get jumped by a gang of thugs, I’m relatively certain they won’t stop kicking my ass if I tell them my feelings are hurt. That’s just reality. Dudes are brutal. Welcome aboard.

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