Police in U.K. Investigate Comedian for a Joke after someone complained.

This is one of those canary in the coal mine stories. The police in the U.K. investigated a comedian for a joke he told on stage after someone complained. Go ahead and read that again, it’s that insane. The cops went to the comic and had him explain things after his show. He had to talk to the police. About a joke he did on stage. It’s fucking mental. The comedian’s name is Joe Lycett. He took to instagram after the incident with the cops and explained the joke is staying in his act. Fucking hell. In case you missed the troubling part here, I’ll reiterate. He told a joke. Someone complained and the police actually investigated! They followed up! Crime in England must be non-existent for the cops to have time to investigate a joke. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2022/jun/22/joe-lycett-standup-joke-investigated-by-police-after-complaint

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