Ray Epps and January 6. Just what the hell is going on here?

This one continues to be a shall we say, ‘head scratcher’? We’re referring of course to Ray Epps and January 6th. The ‘insurrection’ and the investigation. We just can’t wrap our brains around what’s going on here. What is up with this guy Ray Epps? If you’re taking the insurrection and the investigation seriously, why isn’t this guy locked up? And why is the New York Times appearing to run cover for him by publishing puff pieces? It’s a legit question no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on. There is simply too much video evidence of Mr. Epps in action. The simple answer to the lack of prosecution is that Ray Epps was working on behalf of the Feds. And if that’s the case, how many ‘Ray Epps’ were there that day? Again, legit question. And if he’s not a Fed, it brings us back to: Why isn’t he in trouble? Tucker Carlson asks these questions as well in a very thorough piece:

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