The goal is to get you to censor yourself. Then big tech truly wins.

When does censorship hit its ultimate level? When you censor yourself. That, kids is the end game of big tech and social media. The big tech companies and their algorithms can steer a conversation and public opinion in any direction they want. As long as you play along and stay away from certain opinions. Step out of line and boom! You get kicked off the platform, never to be heard from again. Two things happen now. One, less dissent makes it appear as is your opposing view isn’t “popular”. By eliminating opposition, the “majority” of posters all share the same belief. Even if it’s absurdly idiotic.

The second thing that happens is that people start to question themselves and whether it’s worth risking being kicked off a platform for posting an unpopular opinion. That’s where the real results come. Big Tech now has you second guessing your own belief system. And when you don’t post your opinion out of fear. They have won. The end results are the same: The appearance of the “majority” having the same jacked up world view.

Censorship exists to sway public opinion. That’s it. Those that hold the levers of power will get their way. Regardless of the truth. It is a recipe for disaster. There is zero chance this ends well. The health of our nation requires a well-informed citizenry. Once that’s gone? It’s just a slow slide into misery. It is beyond time for our elected officials to act. Break up big tech. Demand transparency in these mysterious algorithms that determine who succeeds and who fails. Who remains to be heard and who is silenced. Our future depends on it.

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