Keep your eyes on these stories. We are.

Had an idea for new segment on the site. The ‘Keep your eyes on these stories’ collection. It will be a series of links to the news events that are happening both here and abroad that almost certainly aren’t getting the attention they merit. We all know that certain narratives get pushed, while other stories are left to fall through the cracks. The idea is people will be easily distracted and forget. So, let’s not do that. While I certainly wish we could bring you our own coverage, providing links might actually turn out to be better in terms of balance. Enough of the preamble. Here’s some stories we should be watching out for:

The crackdown on farmers in the Netherlands (#2 exporter of food) even though the U.N. says a global food crisis is on its way.

Biden may call for a ‘Climate Emergency’ –

Former Google exec hired by Goldman Sachs to influence global politics. Hmmm –

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