“The Rona Excuse” (did Biden just use it?)

Okay, you gotta admit the timing is a bit…odd. Just yesterday Biden was giving a speech where he said he had cancer. It was strange. All the pundits were saying the same thing pretty much: Either he does have cancer, or he has dementia. Which way will the White House go to cover for Joe’s latest gaffe? Well now we know. They are now saying Joe has the Rona. Huh. What interesting timing. While we don’t wish ill on anyone, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t seem fishy. Here’s a clip from a stand-up show I did recently where I was joking about the brilliance of using “The Rona Excuse”. It’s perfect! No one can get mad, and you get 2 weeks off! And now that symptom free rona is a thing it’s even better! So just to recap: Joe had a massive gaffe yesterday with seemingly no way out. Today they announce he has rona? Sure…

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