Woke White Woman Comics

Yes, it’s as bad as you just imagined it to be. Say you’re a woman who doesn’t miss a woke talking point (e.g. Trans women are women, Black Lives Matter, etc.) But you’re saddled with real life? What do you do?

Humorlessly whine about it in comic form. Welcome to Momlife Comics!

It’s like, so hard being a woman, amirite?
What a selfish pr*ck! LOLZ

We won’t expose you to the rest. Feel free to go explore, especially if your idea of a good laugh is commiserating with your yoga class at the Organique Bean civet coffee house.

As with most things in the current online world, it’s the memes that are truly funny. The internet jumped on it and produced gems an emotionally exhausted yet very privileged white could only dream about.

Iowahawk went first.

Well, that got dark quickly

Lots of people brought their favorite characters into the mashup.

Another cameo!
Yes, we’ve achieved maximum meme crossover

And here’s my favorite because I read the disturbing short story as a kid.

And yours truly had to do one.

More reading from our friends at Twitchy.

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