Samaritan – Trailer. Superhero Stallone? Bring it.

Was totally ready to write this Samaritan flick off as a swing and a miss. Then I watched the trailer. Now I’m stoked! Samaritan has a real opportunity here. Sylvester Stallone as an old school superhero that everyone thought was dead, reluctantly comes out of hiding 25 years later to dish out some justice. Yup. All because some kid figured it out and now Stallone/Samaritan is going to have his faith in humanity renewed? Yup. So, tons of action. Tons of heart. And Sly Stallone with superpowers dealing with a new age woke world that he doesn’t quite understand because he’s old school? Let’s go. I’m watching. Let’s go, Samaritan. It’s got a release date of August 26 on Amazon Prime.

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