FBI Trump raid. Now it’s about the nukes?

Merrick Garland gave a statement to the press yesterday in the bizarre back and forth between the DOJ and former President Trump. The FBI raid story now takes yet another crazy turn. Now it’s about the nukes. Or rather the nuclear codes? Okaaaay. So, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume americans are supposed to be concerned that Trump had the launch codes to our nukes and was going to sell them? Lose them? Give them to Russia? And he was so hellbent on doing this he wouldn’t respond to phone calls from the FBI. They had to act immediately! The threat was imminent.

We’ll be generous. Let’s say the DOJ and FBI realized Trump was in possession of some paperwork that somehow posed a threat of nuclear war. It took them 18 months to figure it out? If so? They suck. Not really doing a bang-up job of defending nuclear secrets. Maybe they knew for 18 months and blew it off? In that case they suck again! Either way you slice the nuclear story it sounds bad for the FBI and DOJ. This reeks of yet another FBI tall tale. They should get back to the rule of law. Because if they don’t Trump might call his Russian spy buddies, pee on some hookers while he puts bounties on soldier’s heads, rips the wheel off a limo and overpowers secret service agents and sells nuclear codes to the Taliban while eating two scoops of ice cream! The horror! Somebody save us!


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