Damn! 700 illegals cross border in 5 hours? Arizona takes matters into their own hands. (video)

If you’ve been following the ongoing situation on the southern border, you know that things are, shall we say, a bit cray cray? The number of people coming across is way out of hand. It’s staggering. Not to mention how many don’t get counted because they got away. Now news outlets are reporting 700 illegals crossing the Texas border in just 5 hours. https://www.breitbart.com/border/2022/08/14/exclusive-photos-700-migrants-cross-in-five-hours-at-texas-border-town/ In the Texas heat. In August! That’s a tidal wave of humanity, and when you consider the weather? There has to be many who succumbed to the elements or worse. The border situation is getting worse by the day. Arizona seems to have had enough though. They are taking matters in their own hands and finishing the border wall with whatever they can find. They are all done waiting for the federal government to uphold the law. It’s getting wild down there!

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