Immigrants already bused out of Martha’s Vineyard. Why more should arrive every day.

That was fast. In what has to be some kind of world record, the illegal immigrants that arrived at Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday are leaving by bus today. Evidently the residents of the vacation island feel the immigrants will be better off at a Coast Guard facility. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what the immigrants want as well. For sure they don’t want to be cooped up in Obama’s estate… or forced to have brunch with the Clintons. Nope. I bet they immediately demanded to be sent to a more comfortable Coast Guard facility.

If you think the hypocrisy can’t get any richer, hold on to your pantaloons. Many are trying to call the illegals getting flown to Martha’s Vineyard a political stunt or even human trafficking. Yes, that’s what they call it when it happens to their little enclaves. However, when the Biden administration has plane loads of illegals being dropped off across the country on a regular basis, that’s supposed to be fine? We’re supposed to be cool with that? And the difference is what, again? Oh yeah, that’s right, there IS no difference other than now the elites have to actually deal with their horrible policies. So, heads up Martha’s Vineyard, you might need more buses. Hopefully new waves of illegal immigrants will be arriving on the reg. just like they do all along the southern border. Morning noon and night.

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2 comments on “Immigrants already bused out of Martha’s Vineyard. Why more should arrive every day.

  1. Bob French says:

    Iam 67 have lived on Cape Cod all my life, worked onM.V. for7 yrs. The aliens were sent to a now defunct Air Force Base. It is a self contained little”city”. There are some quanset huts but there’s also many vacant townhouses,2 schools,hospital, grocery store, everything you would find in any town. Last Friday they got bussed to Hyannis spent the night eating and drinking paying with government issued gift cards. They are not suffering

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      that’s good. Too bad they weren’t allowed to stay on the vineyard, as it’s a sanctuary city and ‘all are welcome’

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