LCD Soundsystem on Sunday Jams

This week on Sunday Jams we had to go with LCD Soundsystem. They are one of those outstanding musical entities that kind of always bubbles up and manages to surprise you with some really killer music but somehow, they never quite break in a huge mainstream way. It’s heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time. The songs have depth and melancholy and layers upon layers. You find yourself wondering just how in the hell more people don’t realize what they are missing. Bu here’s the good part: Once you’re in with LCD Soundsystem, you’re in. No going back. Welcome aboard. So, here is a mini-intro to James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem on Sunday Jams. We’ll start with an absolutely brilliant song recorded live at Madison Square Garden that hits all the harder in front of a sold-out crowd full of fans and friends. It just builds and builds and builds. This song? Live? Come on. That’s what we’re talking about.

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