The Loftus After Party at AMPFest Miami!

Well, hello there ya wonderful person you! Check this out. Yes, I’m headed to Ampfest Miami. Had such blast at the Palm Springs event we decided to take this baby next level. I’m stoked. Legit excited for this! Now, just in case you aren’t familiar with AMPfest, it’s a gigantic, informative, celebration with some of the best and brightest minds who share a love of Liberty, integrity and equality. And it’s also a big party. Like, a get your ass on the dance floor, let’s have fun and laugh, party. This is where I come in. I’m hosting The Loftus After Party. Secret Location, Exclusive event that will be an absolute blast. Cocktails, Jokes, insane hang out, music, surprises, the whole nine. Now you wanna come! Good! Get your tickets and use promo code LOFTUS.

Miami FL Oct 6th – 9th. Trump Doral. Here’s the link –

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