We got questions about Putin, Ukraine and Us.

This is the story we’re all supposed to be riveted to. The whole Putin, Ukraine thing. Do we call it a war? Feels like one. I’m not sure if anyone has declared war. That’s part of the problem. We have a lot of questions about Putin, Ukraine and U.S. involvement. Questions that it seems aren’t being asked. Which feels really odd. Let’s begin.

What does Putin want? You never hear about that. It’s just ‘there was another attack’, ‘there was another bombing’, ‘the U.S. is sending billions of dollars.’ Is anyone wondering just what Putin wants? Is it all of Ukraine? He needs to say that shit then. Someone needs to ask him. Pretty sure the answer is ‘No. You can’t have Ukraine.’ Right? Right.

What would it take to end this invasion? You never hear about peace talks. Is anyone trying to negotiate? Maybe he wants the Donbas region. Would Ukraine be willing to let it go? Call me crazy, but shouldn’t someone be asking?

Everything about this is way too murky. The only clear-cut aspect is Russia took land that didn’t belong to them. We all agree that’s bad. Now, it is a war? Are we jumping in? Is it worth getting nuked over? And how much money are we going to send? Seems like every other day it’s tens of billions more. Money, we need too. Right here in the US of A. So, in summary: What is the fucking plan?! If it’s war? Let’s go over the top and help end it. Peace talks? Demands? What’s it gonna take? Can we at least try to end it?

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