Ruling Class to Christians: It’s ‘Un-Christian’ to Refuse to Support Evil!

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Once again, members of the ruling class are calling we Christians “un-Christian” (and other names) because we voted for President Trump and not for their party. There’s zero use in trying to “debate” them on this fallacious charge because they hate our guts on a fundamental level. So one option is simply to ignore them. But another option is to respond to them by properly framing the Narrative. In other words, we Christians can roll our eyes and tell them: “Sure. It’s ‘un-Christian’ for us to refuse to support you and your evil.”

One of the older, and increasingly popular, strategies of the ruling class is to say that we Christians who voted for Trump are “un-Christian” because Trump is supposedly someone so detestable that our vote for him undermines our faith. If you’re a Christian like I am, how do you respond to that? Do you take the time to explain why you voted for him? Do you renounce your vote for him and break down in tears, and beg for forgiveness?

You’re wasting your time if you do either.

Anyone who accuses me of being un-Christian for voting for Trump isn’t seeking to understand why I voted for him, and he isn’t concerned about my faith. Indeed, such a person hates me and he hates my faith. So it makes no sense to respond with reason, logic, and civility to something that is meant to be provocative—something that is meant to be outright hostile. Either ignore that person or respond appropriately by pointing out the truth.

“Un-Christian to vote for Trump? No. It would be un-Christian to vote for the Party of Evil.”

Heads will explode. Hysteria will ensue. And you’ll have won.

Seriously, folks, there’s no reason to debate with our rulers any longer. There hasn’t been a reason for a long time. Christians (and even non-Christians) can choose to get worked up when they launch their latest, baseless attacks against us, or we can recognize them for who they are and act accordingly.

As for me, I choose the second option. So when our rulers come after me—when they pause in their never-ending campaign to demonize we Christians just long enough to tell us we are being “un-Christian” for refusing to support our own destruction—I’ll either ignore them or give them a well-deserved reminder that it’s actually un-Christian to support them and their evil.

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