Flashback: Tulsi Gabbard Ends Kamala Harris’s Presidential Hopes [VIDEO]


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It’s like footage from an old Mike Tyson fight. This is the knockout. I kind of remember Kamala was doing okay for a while. With her campaign. She was hanging in there. Harris dealt some serious damage to Joe Biden in the first debate. Then THIS happened. (RELATED: 1994: 45-Year-Old George Foreman Defeats 26-Year-Old Michael Moorer [VIDEO])

Tulsi wasn’t playin’ around. She just carpet bombed Kamala. And that was that. America said, “No thanks, Kamala.”

So it’s a real head scratcher as to why Biden would go with her as a VP pick. Maybe cause he already knows her flaws? We shall see, I guess.

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2020-08-15 17:41:14
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