Society Condemns ‘Misogynists’ but Willing to Debate Insurrectionists

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As America disintegrates, there is no shortage of people who still say, “Both Sides are at fault!” Both Sides aren’t at fault, of course, because there aren’t two sides. There is one side. Progressives and conservatives are the same. And a great example of this truth is how society universally condemns a “misogynist” who says women can be distracting for men while it simultaneously Debates the Legitimate Grievances of violent insurrectionists.

Conservatives and progressives who continue to push the lie the national disintegration is the result of Both Sides Fighting ignore the obvious fact that there actually is only One Side Fighting. And that side fights for progressivism. Progressives fight for progressivism and their conservative “opponents” fight for progressivism.

You can see this in how society instantly and universally destroys a man for saying that women can distract men (something that is self-evident). There is no Debate about it. Remember Debate? That’s what the prog-con uniparty always insists we need more of. It’s supposedly the Cure for all our ills. And yet the truth is the uniparty doesn’t Debate anything. Everyone in power automatically agrees that progressivism must win. If that wasn’t the case, the uniparty wouldn’t agree to destroy a man who states a self-evident truth.

On the flip side of things, when people of a certain persuasion engage in a national insurrection, the uniparty instantly agrees that said insurrectionists have Legitimate Grievances and we need to Debate them in order to resolve things. (RELATED: Law-Abiding Citizens Have No Recourse for Grievances)

Conservatives and progressives are terrible. Just horrible. And not because Both Sides are equally out of control, but because Both Sides don’t exist; Both Sides are on the side of progressivism.

The fact that society destroys a man’s life for saying women can be distracting for men while simultaneously Debating the Legitimate Grievances of insurrectionists is just one example that makes this clear.

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