Smart, Sexy. Elizabeth Turner. [VIDEO]

Let’s go! The future is out there! We dig this video from Luisda Films. What can we say? They just have a groove that we really like. Laidback. Sexy. Easy on the ears and easy on the eyes.

In this video from 2017, they feature model Elizabeth Turner. No, not the fictional character from Pirates of the Caribbean. This Elizabeth Turner is quite real. She’s also having one heck of a great career!

Sure she graduated from Duke with a degree in English Language and Literature. And, yes, she’s been featured in Maxim and GQ. But we gotta be honest, it’s the English Lit thing that we really dig. (RELATED: Baking Christmas Cookies & Trying on Bikinis? Yes! [VIDEO])

Did we mention she also interned at the Nasher Museum of Art? ‘Cause she did.

So, a big tip of the cap to Elizabeth Turner. Smart. Sexy. At home in an art museum or looking amazing on the beach. Much success! Ya killing it!

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