Marisa Miller: One of ‘S.I.’s’ 50 Greatest Swimsuit Models [VIDEO]

Top 50 lists are always tough. Hell, top 10 lists are tough. But there’s something about a list of “greatests” that is super compelling. You gotta see how people ranked.

That’s how I stumbled across this video. YouTube suggested it because they know I’m a man of great taste and substance. Right? Sure. Let’s go with that. (RELATED: Once Upon a Time at ‘S.I.’ Georgia Gibbs Took Wet T-Shirts to a New Level [VIDEO])

Anyway. To what should my wondering eye appear but Marisa Miller?! And she was on the list of greatest swimsuit models. But where did she rank? Thirteen. Thirteen?! That had to be some kind of mistake. Marisa should be top 5 at least! Maybe top 3! Thirteen is an insult.

So I decided to post the video. A little tip of the cap to Marisa. You’re wonderful. You should’ve ranked way higher. Just look at the video and you’ll agree. Seriously…agree. I don’t wanna fight. And no, I’m not going to post who they said was number one. It doesn’t matter. This is about Marisa, dammit. What a great career she’s having. She still looks amazing, launched her own line of shoes and picks up all kinds of work in TV and films. Skadoosh! WTG, Marisa.

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