Once Upon a Time at ‘S.I.’ Georgia Gibbs Took Wet T-Shirts to a New Level [VIDEO]

We say “once upon a time at S.I.” because it feels like the swimsuit edition used to be a WAY bigger deal. Is it just us or did people used to talk about who was on the cover…who were the hot newcomers…who really pushed the envelope…stuff like that, a whole helluva lot more?

We were glad to find out the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is still a thing. We need that to not go away. It’s our traditions that bind us as a society. We need the Swimsuit Issue like we need Halloween and the Fourth of July. Ok….maybe not as much as the Fourth…but it’s up there!

And we always look forward to the rookies. Almost as much as we look forward to our returning favs. It’s always fun to take a look at the layout and think, “Who the heck is THAT?!” We dig it! (RELATED: Smart, Sexy. Elizabeth Turner. [VIDEO])

Well, once upon a time at S.I. Georgia Gibbs was a rookie and she had a great day in a “customized” t-shirt. Fantastico. Don’t you ever stop.

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