Russian Women Love Being Beautiful

On Dec. 8, Evie Magazine published, “Beauty Standards Around The World: Russia,” by Meghan Dillon. She provides a commentary on Russian women and how they view beauty. Indeed, she examines what role beauty plays in Russian culture in general. Below are some of her more intriguing observations.

Dillon names Irina Shayk as the most beautiful woman in Russia. Not a bad choice. But she then goes into how Russian women in general think of beauty. According to her, it isn’t just that they value it, but that they highly value it in their everyday life.

Russian women traditionally dress more feminine, as women are expected to have dresses and skirts in their wardrobes.

She later adds:

It’s common to see women in the United States going out to the grocery store in sweats, but this is a faux-pas in Russia. Russian women go out of their way to look put together, no matter what they’re going out to do.

Visit Evie Magazine to read all of Dillon’s post. The entire thing is a worthwhile read regarding Russian women’s view of beauty, and how beauty in general plays a role in Russian culture. (RELATED: Still the Best: Monica Bellucci in Photos)

Top Image: Screen capture of 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit video of Irina Shayk.

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