‘Keep of Glass’ Gives King Arthur a Female Knight

Steven G. Johnson takes Arthurian legend in a new direction when his female protagonist, Trinadan, becomes a knight and goes on a quest for King Arthur.

Via Superversive SF:

. . .Girls can’t be knights.

Well, not in the real world, anyway. But lately—after King Arthur’s bargain with the faeries of the Other Side—the world’s become a lot more like the storybooks. Men do amazing things. Strange beasts abound. And everyone knows someone who’s seen a wizard! So why can’t Trinadan, daughter and sister of a knight, fight for the King like her father and brother?

Upon being knighted, though, she learns one of her other new responsibilities—going on a quest for the king. Someone has stolen the Philosopher’s Stone, and it’s up to her to find the thieves and bring back the Stone. . . .

Click over to Superversive SF to read the whole thing and follow the link there to Amazon to buy the book. (RELATED: 8 Books & Counting in M. A. Nilles’s Forgotten Worlds Space Opera Series)

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